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To truly appreciate the art, one must delve into the mind and experiences of the artist.

About Beth Lexah

Beth Lexah uses her words to inspire and inform her audience into empowerment.

Her studio recorded album, "9:19," showcases her passion for storytelling and an unyielding desire to evoke introspection. She is an author, known for her poetry book, "Spilt Milk." Beth is featured in an anthology of poems published by the Canadian Institute of poetry and the World poetry movement.

Beth graduated from Trent University with a degree in business and economics, equipping her with a keen understanding of the world and its complexities.

Building upon this foundation, she further honed her analytical prowess by attaining a master's degree in analytics from Queens University.


This unique blend of artistry and analytical thinking allows Beth to bring a fresh perspective to her creative process, resulting in a dynamic fusion of intellect and imagination.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

Two lovers in Beth Beth Lexah's Poetry Collection of Diaspora Love poems

Diaspora Love Poems

Diaspora Love Poems" is a collection of poems that offers an intimate exploration of love in different forms. It invites readers to reflect on their own journeys of love and self-discovery.

At its core, it weaves together a tapestry of emotions that capture the intensity, vulnerability, and nostalgia of people within the diaspora.

An abstract painting depicting Beth Lexah 9:19 Poetry album

9:19 Re-birth - Poetry Album 

9:19 is a studio recorded album that explores a wide range of themes, delving into a political landscape, immigration, heartbreak, letting go, and relationships.

With deep introspection, the collection sparks a conversation about our collective responsibility to create a more inclusive, equitable, and empathetic world.

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